Robin Jungers, computational design


Kenting National Park (墾丁國家公園), Taiwan

a hidden path through the bushes

dec. 2016

These photographs were mostly taken during trips with friends and family, from France to Bulgaria, through Istanbul or Taipei. Nature and people are both subjects that interest me, because of the story their beauty tells. Nature itself offers the most harmonious patterns, from complex sceneries to minimalistic textures. As soon as we consider it to be an aesthetic and design goal, photography then becomes a powerful tool, allowing to produce clear representations of a subject, or to tweak its rules to obtain subjective interpretations.

Hakodate (函館市), Japan

the crab fisher

nov. 2016

Mount E-san (恵山), Japan

sulfur and steam

oct. 2016

While digital cameras allow a pixel-perfect control of the image's parameters, film photography still offers a more natural way of capturing a moment ; as soon as the shutter has been released, the impossibility to check the result invites you to put the device down, and take part in the scene.

Istanbul, Turkey & Budapest, Hungary

pedestrians and panes

aug. 2014

Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

a path to Sant Elm

aug. 2015