Robin Jungers, computational design

地平線 / horizon

views from the animation

nov. 2016

More than a profound mystery, the abstract beauty of astronomical phenomenons tends to remind us the power of nature. Following some strict physical rules, space objects still manage to touch our senses and deeply affect us. Horizon aims to use the mathematical abilities of computers as a way to showcase the feeling of nature’s aesthetics. With a stochastic life cycle, the shapes evolve like a galaxy around a black hole.

inverted color gamma

nov. 2016

Despite being completely fictional, the project tries to provide an open window on this generative celestial event, as a new sort of observatory. Horizon aims to mimic the behaviours of real cosmic objects. The whole image is rendered thanks to a physically-based approach, in which 3D is the result of multiple rays of light, travelling through the depth of the scene. At the center, the black hole appears when bending thoses rays, creating distortion like actual gravity would influence photons. Still, the colors and patterns are fictionnal, and were chosen to create a particular aesthetic.

(more to come)